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Date Posted
9/26/2022   LOOKING FOR: I'm in search of my childhood Blue Jay sail #4804. Please send any information to
1/14/2022  FOR SALE NEW set of Kappa replacement sails (Main & Jib) for a Blue Jay with bags. Picture shows the sails on an O'Day. $500. Located in East Haddam, CT Contact: Rodney at
10/6/2021  LOOKING FOR: Looking for clues about my old Blue Jays: My first boat was a wooden 1958 Gerber boat, #1348, built on City Island. Next was a fiberglass 1969 Saybrook, #5301. I sailed them when I was a junior at Larchmont in the late '60s / early '70s and lost track of both of them many years ago. I'd be delighted to discover where they wound up. I don't have much hope that the wooden boat made it 60+ years but I'd like to think the glass boat might still be around. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Contact Tom at
4/14/2021  1963 Saybrook, Conn #166 in South County RI Needs paint job badly, TLC on some laminated wood areas. Has fairly new sails sets, sails beautifully, trailer included. Make an offer, contact Heidi @ 401-225-3526
4/1/2021  FREE Modified Blue Jay; It spent it’s life on Long Island, but is now located in Greenwood Lake, NY in Orange County. It’s a fiberglass hull in need of cosmetics, hardware upgrades/replacement, and general TLC. Mast, boom, rudder, and sails (jib, main, not sure if there is a spinnaker) included. It does NOT have a foredeck, but rather has an open hull plan like a dory; I've not seen any pictures of one like it, though the hull shape and dimensions all seem like a Blue Jay. No year, manufacturer, or sail number. Contact Walter
2/23/2020  LOOKING FOR: Etchels-built 4242, owned by our family in Northport, NY in the 1970's-80's. Contact Gay at:
12/17/2018  Looking for a used Blue Jay spinnaker in decent condition. Please contact Bob at: 443 262 6997
12/13/2019 Looking for Blue Jay #5023 I had this boat back in the 70’s won larchmont race week and many others; Sold to a girl in Pequot YC mid 70’s would love to find this boat
6/25/2019  For Sale: Blue Jay 1565. all original, only leaks around center board housing. restored in 2017. in Newport, Vermont. $800. plus trailer. Contact Paul at
2/17/2018  For Sale: Main sail and jib, fair condition, $120. Mast (no rigging), $120. Email John at located in Jamestown, RI.
1/24/2018  Looking for a trailer for a Blue Jay- Located on Eastern Long Island. Please contact
1/15/2018 Looking for #4404 "OHTEE". My dad built it from a kit in our basement in Wakefield, MA in the mid-late 60’s and it sailed on Lake Quannapowitt until I sold it to enter military service. Please contact Mike:
11/19/17 For Sale: Formula Blue Jay 7099 Includes custom trailer and two sets of sails, one set of sails are brand new. Many pics I can share. Very good condition. Asking $2,000 Located in Brielle NJ - Contact Ronald
11/19/17 For Sale: 2000 Blue Jay, hull 7202. Very good condition. This is probably one of the newer ones made. It is all fiberglass with no wood. Comes with Spinnaker and all the typical accessories+ a trailer. Originally bought from Charles Dufresne of Greenwich CT several months ago. He failed to mention some issues. I had to reseal the top of the centerboard housing, clean the sails and fix part of the trailer. I have tested it 4 times to make sure it is solid. It sails well however It is a trainer boat for teens and a daysailer for 2 adults. I was looking something with higher performance like a Lightning which is far more expensive. It's an attractive and classic boat that will teach you how to sail. $1900. Contact Peter at 703 861 0289 evenings. I'm in Northern VA and travel to NY periodically.
5/10/2017  -- Parts for Bluejay Sailboats available in Boston Massachusetts area.   Contact Ted at 617-784-9808
 ·         Aluminum Mast - (two to choose from – one fully functional with a slight bend near the deck line for $50 and one that is straight and true for $125) – (photos available on request)
·         Aluminum boom - $45 (two to choose from – both in good condition – photos available on request)
·         Several sets of sails – jibs and mains - price varies with condition
·         Various stainless steel fittings (automatic bailer, jib tracks, jib cars, cleats, etc.)
2/16/2017  WANTED: The Lowcountry Maritime Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We teach students at local schools in Charleston, SC how to build boats! We currently teach 3rd - 8th graders how to build a simple wooden skiff. Now we’re interested in teaching high schoolers how to build the Blue-J. We are looking for parts and boats to be donated to our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our goal is to teach how to build the boats, as well as rig, sail and maintain the fleet. We build wooden boats and are especially interested in wooden Blue-Jays. Please check out our website at and contact me if you are interested in donating. Email:
2/5/2017 WANTED: Blue Jay needed for sailing on Boca Lake in Boca Raton, FL. Contact Paul -
1/9/2017  Looking for a wooden Blue Jay with the sail number 4470. It was built by my father in the late 60's. The top was painted a robin's egg blue, the splash & side rails, as well as the flooring and mast were all varnished wood. It was sold to an older man in 1975 when we left Reading, PA. I am hoping that someone is interested in selling it. If anyone has information about this boat, please contact Karen at
1/8/2017  WANTED: Main & Jib (I have owned sail number 201 for about 20 years and using the original main sail from 1947 all this time. In order to save the original sail and still keep sailing I am looking for a set of used sails) Any leads appreciated. Winston ( - Toronto or New York City area
1/8/2017  Wanted: Would love to know the whereabouts of City Island Gerber built, #1405. Babied the boat, but lost touch and would love to re-claim and restore. Contact: